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E.T. 2/5

Title: E.T. (Extraterrestrial)
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: triple-shot
Genre: supernatural, science-fiction, romance, fluff, smut, AU
Rating: NC 17

A/N: This fic is obviously caused by this video.
And till now, this the most fcked up thing I have ever written. xD

Summary:For already 5 years JaeJoong works as an assistant to his cousin JunSu on a space exploring base "Athena", run by commander Jung YunHo.
He have seen all kind of space monsters, aliens and creeps, yet he never imagined that somewhere in the universe there could be someone as gorgeous as the new 'inhabitant' of the base. And even more- he never could have imagined that this gorgeous creature is made for him - that he is his mate and that he can give JaeJoong everything he could ever want.

Part 1

Extraterrestrial 2

“Well, good morning JaeJoong, baby.” Jung cheered and stood up from the chair he had claimed in the main lab and went to greet the half asleep male coming in the lab. “Is anything wrong, JaeJae?” he continued in a bit of a mocking tone, when the other just passed him by and headed straight to JunSu, who was already flying around the lab, supervising various research works.

“Hey Jae.” The shorter male smiled and continued to pace around the room. “Are you okay?” He finally stopped in front of the raven-haired male.

JaeJoong wasn’t able to reply to this question.

The door of his room was locked, so was the spare exit. He could walk normally and there were no marks or evidences of his ‘guest’ last night, except from the totally blissful and odd feeling JaeJoong had.

“I guess, I’m okay.” He mumbled and tried to recall what his first duty was in the morning, though the touches from last night still clouded his mind.

“You should take breakfast to our new surprising guest.” JunSu said and handed a tray with some simple food to JaeJoong.

“Surprising?” JaeJoong asked.

“Yes. I’m up already for several hours and I run some tests on his suit. It’s amazing!” JunSu could hide his excitement. “It’s fire, laser and bullet proof. And if it has a helmet or mask, which I think it has, then it’s radiation safe too.” He almost squealed. “And the material is not even similar to our high technology fabrics for laser-proof overalls.”

“So, do you have any idea where he's from?” JaeJoong asked and followed JunSu, who headed toward the cell of the alien.

“Not yet, but, if they, a.k.a, his nation, have technologies to create that, I do hope they don’t provide weapons.” JunSu said, now sounding more serious. “Okay, go on and give him something to eat.” He smiled and went back to pacing around the lab.

JaeJoong took a deep breath and entered the ward.

The alien was lying on the bed, his feet hanging over the edge. He seemed asleep, but when JaeJoong took a step closer the being opened his eyes and sat up, turning his head to JaeJoong, who froze at the very moment.

“Good morning.” JaeJoong managed to say without stammering. “I brought you some food.” He went closer and handed the tray to the man in front of him.

The being stretched out his long arms and took the tray, making his and JaeJoong’s skin touch a little.

The cold.

His skin felt so familiarly cold that JaeJoong’s whole body shook and he would have probably dropped the tray, if not for the strong grip of the ‘person’ in front of him.

JaeJoong bowed quickly and left as fast as possible.

He had to return in the ward after less than an hour and it made his heart beat faster.

The creature stood up from his bed and handed the tray back to JaeJoong, their fingertips brushing again.

JaeJoong shivered and left as fast as before, hoping that this all was just a trick of his mind after the insomnia he had.

Yet it started to seem less like that with each night when the scenario with touches, kisses and almost heavenly sex repeated.

On the second night, and morning after, he felt as shocked as before. On the third night he almost anticipated the touches, the kisses and all the attention his body received, though he never saw who did that to him. On the fourth night he really did wait for that someone to come and claim him once again and was ready to finally turn around and see who did it, when that someone would wake him up from his sleep once again. It started to feel like he was functioning completely only when that someone was pounding into his body or just being next to him, worshiping every inch of his skin.

And he did catch a glance of that someone on the fourth night and it was more than just a tall frame.

He saw those vertically narrowed, dark brown eyes for sure and in a way he was happy, that it wasn’t a 'stranger', but on the other hand – he was, well, practically, raped by an alien.

The morning after the fourth night was almost the same as all others – no one had broken in to JaeJoong’s room, his body felt more than just fine. The only differences were that now he kind of knew who was doing it, and the medical check up made him a bit nervous.

“Good morning JaeJoong.” JunSu said with a smile when JaeJoong entered his examination office.

“Good morning.” JaeJoong said in reply and sat on the table in the middle of the room.

They didn’t speak much during the examination, because when JunSu worked he concentrated on what he did, even if it was just an ordinary check-up.

“You know what?” JunSu asked standing in front of JaeJoong, who returned to his place on the table after all physical tests.

“What?” JaeJoong asked and tried to peek in the sheet JunSu was holding, yet other turned the sheet, so JaeJoong couldn’t see it.

“Your vital signs are far better than the last time I checked you during your insomnia. A week ago I guess.” He said and pushed his glasses away from the tip of his nose.

“Really?” JaeJoong asked in surprise.

“Yes. Your body temperature is a bit below normal and there’s something strange with your stomach, but any other than that everything else is above average.”

“What do you mean 'strange with my stomach'?” JaeJoong asked, trying to peak in the sheet again.

“Not quite sure, but you have to forgive me, I have no time to examine you more, not when some of the equipment is broken.” JunSu said with a sigh and sat behind his table.

“How did that happen?” JaeJoong jumped off the table and sat in a chair in front of JunSu’s table.

“Last night, after your shift ended, we tried to measure intensity of our new ‘friends’ brain waves and the device just blew up!” JunSu threw his hands in the air simulating the explosion. “We tried with something more advanced than the regular gadget, but all of the advanced ones blew up as fast as the first one!” He sounded more frustrated than ever. “He cooperates and does what we ask him to, but he doesn’t speak, though his vocal chords are developed just like ours. We have a theory that his race just communicates with telepathy, that’s why his brain could blow up our measuring instrument, and they don’t use their vocal chords for the same tasks we do, but then he could have manipulated with me, you or anyone who’s near him and break out, but he, obviously, didn’t do that.” JunSu lowered his head in his hands, resting his elbows on the table.

“And what will you do?” JaeJoong asked.

“We will install surveillance cameras in the cell, so we could have a 24/7 footage of his actions.” JunSu raised his head up and smiled a little. “Because of that, you can have day off from bringing him food and such.” He continued.

JaeJoong nodded, stood up and left to his room, because he didn’t have anything better to do as his duties were changed and day off meant he had absolutely no duties at all.

Till late night he tried to recall everything he saw in past few nights and put together a picture of the invader, that visited him every night and only thing he got was a partly image of the alien, now locked in a cage, while the cameras were installed in his temporary habitat.

With a heavy sigh JaeJoong landed in his bed, this time on his back, because if he fell asleep on his stomach again, he would never see who ever was coming to him every night. Yet, there was no point in that, because no one came.

He tried to sleep on his stomach the next night yet no one came again, so JaeJoong started to really assume that he was just imagining things, yet at the same time started to feel extremely sick, like something vital was taken away form him, and the insomnia was back.

It was fifth night in a row when a certain someone didn’t show up in JaeJoong’s room at night, when a storm caused a power shortfall, making the base fall in complete darkness.

JaeJoong was sitting in the middle of his bed, knees pulled against his chest, chin resting on his knees.

The feeling of emptiness grew only bigger with every night when his ‘guest’ didn’t return and JaeJoong knew well enough how wrong it was, but he just couldn’t help it.

A powerful peal of thunder echoed around the dark hallways of the base.

With a sigh JaeJoong looked around his room and stopped at the corner next to the door, when he clearly saw someone standing, at least that was what he thought.

He reached for his nightstand and turned on the ‘emergency’ lamp, which light blue light enlightened the room; approving JaeJoong’s suspicious about someone else being there.

“So it’s you.” JaeJoong said with an odd smile in his voice.

The alien came closer slowly and finally sat on the edge of JaeJoong’s bed, like it was a normal thing for him.

“So, you’re my nightly guest?” JaeJoong asked, but didn’t receive back nothing more than just a blink of others dark brown eyes. “JunSu, the main scientist, said that you can speak in theory, but you just don’t do it.” JaeJoong moved a bit closer. “If you can, then, please, say something, because, well, I kind of deserve it.” He said with a small pout and the alien smiled a little, making JaeJoong’s heart to jump a bit.

“I’m glad you finally waited for me.” The alien said loud and clear, shocking JaeJoong.

“You can speak?” JaeJoong sounded rather shocked.

“Yes.” The alien continued to smile a little.

“Then why don’t you answer when the staff asks you something?”

“Because I’m not allowed to.” This explanation made dumfounded. “I’m not allowed to talk to someone that’s not my race.” The being continued.

“Then, why are you talking to me now?” JaeJoong asked, getting even more confused.

“Because you’re my mate.” The alien said with a smile.

“Your what?” JaeJoong shrieked.

“My mate. And I can explain that.” The alien said calmly. “Would you like to hear my explanation?” he asked and JaeJoong nodded in reply. “First of all my name is ChangMin and I’m from a planet called Jumun and it’s about a galaxy away from here. It’s a tropical planet, that’s why our skin is always cold. And also because we are partly lizards, but that doesn’t matter, right?” he asked with a small smile and JaeJoong just nodded. “One more thing about our planet is that it has no female humanoid that is why we search for mates on one particular planet – Earth. And as strange as it may sound only Earth male can carry out Jumun males’ child.” JaeJoong's eyes went big but he didn’t say anything. “It’s not like we just go and find an attractive male, the pairs are set by the Universe it self and it takes years to find a mate.”

“Years…” JaeJoong muttered. “If I’m your mate – how long did you search for me?” he asked, looking straight at others eyes, which mesmerized him and made him lean closer to the alien… no, to ChangMin, who just sat in front of him, with a mind-blowingly beautiful, yet playful smirk on his face.

“In Earth years it would be… 10 years I guess.” He said after thinking a little.

“Ten years? Then how old are you… in Earth years?” JaeJoong asked, still leaning closer.

“I’m 22.” ChangMin replied and ran his long, delicate fingers through JaeJoong’s hair, making the other almost unwarily lean more into the touch.

“You started to search for me when you were just 12?” Without knowing it himself JaeJoong was already just few inches away from ChangMin and still moved closer, like other dragged him close with some mystical force.

“That’s how it works.” ChangMin smiled a little. His fingers ran over the base of JaeJoong’s scalp, over his eyebrows and cheeks, then curled under his chin while his thumb ran over JaeJoong’s lower lip.

JaeJoong’s mind and common sense was totally turned off and all he could think about was the gorgeous alien in front of him and his almost mad desire to feel ChangMin as much and even more than previous nights.

With a little bit of hesitation JaeJoong closed the distance between them and pressed his lips against ChangMin’s.

He wasn’t quite sure that it was okay on the other’s planet, but his urges took control of him. And the first taste of the other's lips was more than just mind blowing.

His hands slid over the other's broad shoulders, tangling the ends of the other's hair and with an encouragement in the form of ChangMin’s arms pulling him closer, JaeJoong lowered both of them on the bed, ChangMin over him, their lips still attached.

“This is unexpected.” ChangMin murmured, his lips dancing over JaeJoong’s jaw. “I was told that normal reaction would be questions…” his lips brushed over the sensitive skin on JaeJoong’s neck “… maybe calling me a liar and utter disbelief.” He continued, his hands rubbing JaeJoong’s sides. “But you seem…” ChangMin lifted his head from the other's neck, to look at his half blissful face “… different.” He said and ran his fingers through JaeJoong’s hair again. “I doubt that anyone else would jump on their rapist like this.”

“Well, if I’m your mate then it wasn’t a rape, right?” JaeJoong caressed ChangMin’s cheek, emulating the way ChangMin caressed his a moment ago - from his scalp and cheeks, to his chin and lower lip. “But still, why didn’t you tell me this first?” JaeJoong asked.

“Because the only way for a mate to acknowledge a mate is trough physical contact. Otherwise you wouldn’t believe me and as I said, you would call me a liar.”

“I have the feeling, that you won’t lie or deceive me. Neither will you betray me. ” JaeJoong said quietly, a bit shy about his own words.

“I won’t.” ChangMin smiled and gently kissed JaeJoong’s lips. “One unique thing about Jumun’s that makes them stand out between other humanoids around the universe is their loyalty.” He said with a small smile, continued to run his fingers through the other's dark hair. “Once we find our mate, we would rather die than let anything happen to them, even if it may seem a small thing. We never change our mates and when it’s time for the one we love to leave this world, we take away our own lives.” He continued with a bit of sadness in his voice.

“Leave this world… That means - when human mates… need to die?” JaeJoong asked, his fingers clenching in ChangMin’s shirt.

“Yes. We, Jumuns, are basically immortal and forever young, so are the children from Earth males. During the pregnancy, as you called them, human mates receive part of this immortality, the part that allows them to be forever young. But, that doesn’t stop death. So, when the mate dies, we kill ourselves, because we can’t live without them.” ChangMin said and unhooked JaeJoong’s fingers from his shirt, bringing the other's hand up and placing a kiss on it.

“And… the child?” JaeJoong asked, linking his fingers with ChangMin’s, like it was something completely normal.

“Around that time he’s already grown up and with his own mate, so he knows the circle of life.”

“He… That means, there can be only a boy.”

“Yes.” ChangMin replied. “Logical, knowing that there’s only males on Jumun.” He said with a smile.

“Yes.” JaeJoong laughed a little at his own silliness. “And…” his free hand traveled to his own stomach. “… is he already here?” he asked, looking first at his lower torso and then at ChangMin.

ChangMin’s hand gently landed on top of JaeJoong’s and he closed his eyes, concentrating for a moment and then smiled a little.

“Almost.” He said with a smile. “Because of male structure it takes more the one time for the right organs to come into being etc.”

“And for how long he will be in me?” JaeJoong asked.

“A month. But, you don’t seem scared about this.” ChangMin said.

“Well, it may sound stupid, but having a child was my dream; though I knew I don’t like females.” JaeJoong said with a small smile, his hand still resting on his stomach. “I thought that it would be wrong to deceive a girl just to get a baby, so now, I’m almost happy.” He continued and looked at ChangMin. “I’m weird, huh?” he laughed a little.

“No. That just means that you knew the plans of the Universe beforehand.” He smiled back at JaeJoong and kissed his lips briefly.

“Then it’s okay if I want you, like, really badly?” JaeJoong asked quietly again.

“Yes.” ChangMin smiled and kissed JaeJoong again, this time deepening the kiss a little. “Because I want you too.” He broke away just to look in others eyes for a moment and then kissed him again, his hands running over the other's sides under the shirt JaeJoong was wearing, pulling it up.

JaeJoong willingly lifted his torso up so ChangMin could remove that annoying piece of clothing.

Small love bites, licks and kisses almost literally rained over JaeJoong’s body and he could swear that he felt all the caring… all the love streaming from each touch.

ChangMin’s hands traced over JaeJoong’s still covered thighs, over his sides and around his waist, fingers running over his spine and right above the band of his sleep pants.

With a moan he arched up when the other's lips danced over his collarbones and chest, giving his skin the same worshiping he did every night.

ChangMin searched for him for 10 years, while JaeJoong didn’t even know about his existence.

JaeJoong placed his hands on ChangMin’s shoulders and pushed the other up.

“Is something wrong?” ChangMin asked looking quite confused.

“Yes, there is.” JaeJoong replied.

“What? Did I do something wrong?” ChangMin asked, still looking confused.

“No.” JaeJoong said with a smile and sat up, facing other.

“Then what?”

“It’s my turn.” JaeJoong smiled and ChangMin realized the meaning behind the other's words only when JaeJoong started to roll up ChangMin’s shirt, kissing every inch of skin that appeared – over the other's abs and chest, collarbones and shoulders, neck and jaw, until ChangMin’s shirt was somewhere next to JaeJoong’s on the floor.

“Much better.” JaeJoong said with a grin and pressed their torsos together, attacking ChangMin’s lips, ending under ChangMin again.

“We should have removed all our clothes first.” JaeJoong gasped, his fingers tangling in the other's hair and sliding over his broad shoulders.

“What clothes?” ChangMin grinned and JaeJoong understood that he was already naked and ChangMin’s cock already rubbed against his entrance.

“I… I… don’t get it.” JaeJoong gasped, trying to push back at the other's length to feel that mind blowing sensation of the other moving inside of him.

“High level telepathy.” ChangMin grinned and teased JaeJoong’s hole with head of his thick cock.

“One more… que.. question.” JaeJoong gasped again.

“Do you really want an anatomic lecture of how Jumun males can provide their own lube and adjust their males, so they don’t feel any pain?” ChangMin smiled and licked JaeJoong’s neck.

“N…No.” JaeJoong moaned when the head of ChangMin’s member slid over the first ring muscle.

“I already thought so.” The alien sat up with a grin and pushed into JaeJoong completely, hooking the other's knees over his forearms. “You’re incredibly beautiful like this.” He said and leaned down to kiss his now panting and moaning mate.

“You would have known it faster, if you just woke me up the first time.” JaeJoong murmured against the other's lips.

“Now I see that.” ChangMin smiled and pulled out a little to push back into JaeJoong’s body again.

Each thrust hit JaeJoong’s sweet spot like the first time, like ChangMin was made to fill him, stretch him and send him to 7th heaven each time their bodies joined.

Merely gathering the last bits of concentration JaeJoong rolled his hips down to meet ChangMin’s thrust and they both moaned loudly.

ChangMin sped up, still keeping the previous rhythm, his fingers digging in to JaeJoong thighs, pulling the other back to meet the other's thrusts even more, setting JaeJoong over the edge.

With a cry, swallowed by ChangMin’s lips, JaeJoong came between their bodies, pulling on ChangMin’s hair harshly, making the other hiss and fill JaeJoong’s body with a low growl.

After a moment of recovery ChangMin lowered his tall frame next to JaeJoong and pulled the shorter human in to his embrace. The other's arms automatically found their way around his waist, head found its place on his chest. With small adjustment ChangMin wrapped their bodies in the blanket and tried to make a ‘wall’ from the blanket between him and JaeJoong, yet the latter one pushed it away, nuzzling closer to the alien.

“But, I’m cold blooded, that means I’m cold and…”
“I don’t care.” JaeJoong pouted. “You will have to go soon and they will restore the cameras in the morning, so none of us know when you will be able to come again.” He said with a pout, pressing his body more against ChangMin’s, despite the chill radiating from the other's skin.

“True.” ChangMin said with a sigh and wrapped his arms tighter around JaeJoong’s body, placing few kisses on top of others head. “Sleep well.” He whispered.

“Wake me up, when you have to go, okay?” JaeJoong asked, already sounding sleepy. He felt like he finally will be able to sleep after 5 awful nights filled with insomnia.

“Okay...” ChangMin pecked the other's lips and rested his cheek against the top of JaeJoong’s head. “…my beautiful mate.” He whispered, knowing that JaeJoong was probably already asleep.


a/n: JaeMin cookies to those who will guess the second name to ChangMin's planet ;)
Tags: fandom: cassiopeia, ff: e.t., genre: au, genre: fluff, genre: romance, genre: science fiction, genre: smut, genre: supernatural, length: chaptered, pairing: changmin/jaejoong, rating: nc-17, warning: mpreg

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  • Revamping and moving!

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