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E.T. 1/5

Title: E.T. (Extraterrestrial)
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: triple-shot
Genre: supernatural, science-fiction, romance, fluff, smut, AU
Rating: NC 17

A/N: This fic is obviously caused by this video.
And till now, this the most fcked up thing I have ever written. xD

Summary:For already 5 years JaeJoong works as an assistant to his cousin JunSu on a space exploring base "Athena", run by commander Jung YunHo.
He have seen all kind of space monsters, aliens and creeps, yet he never imagined that somewhere in the universe there could be someone as gorgeous as the new 'inhabitant' of the base. And even more- he never could have imagined that this gorgeous creature is made for him - that he is his mate and that he can give JaeJoong everything he could ever want.


The loud siren that announced the exploring team's return woke JaeJoong up from his restless sleep.

Though it was near 2AM he couldn’t fall asleep. He tossed and turned around his small and not so comfortable bed, trying to pull the aseptically white blanket around his frame even more.

Never before he had such insomnia, yet already for a week or so he just couldn’t fall asleep. No medicine or even sleep simulations helped him, so he decided to rely on his body or in other words – wait until he will be too tired to function and just pass out somewhere. Till now the plan didn’t work – he was still functioning though most of his vital signs were almost below normal and he didn’t look that good either.

The siren continued to howl and he stood up, barely moving over the not so big room, lazily pressing the code of his door to look in the hallway.

It wasn’t only the exploring team that returned.

Behind the exploring team, who marched in front of the ‘parade’ now formed in the hallway, as proudly, marched the best of the warrior division with commander Jung in lead, dragging a carbonic glass cage behind them with, how it seemed from afar, a human in it.

Though everyone whose rooms were on both sides of the main hallway were now looking at the pompous ‘parade’, Jung stopped right in front of JaeJoong and smiled his dazzlingly white smile.

“You can’t even imagine how I would love if you could greet me back as a hero,” He smiled and run his fingers trough JaeJoong’s hair, yet the other shook his hand off, “But…” he continued with a grin, “…this thing didn’t fight back when we captured him right after he landed just a few day's walk away from here.” Jung glanced at the tall ‘human’ in the cage and JaeJoong glanced over his shoulder.

The being was tall, definitely 6.5 feet or even more. His body looked like it was literally wrapped in the navy blue fabric with dark purple inlets that covered his whole body, marking every single muscle on his long legs and arms, framing his strong chest and defined abs. He wore gloves from the purple fabric and boots from the navy one. His hair was dark brown, almost black, cut relatively short on the back but partly covered half of his face – exquisite nose and jaw, full, long lips and dark brown eyes, narrowed vertically just like cat's or lizard's eyes.

JaeJoong’s whole body shivered when the being glanced at him with a piercing gaze. It was just a second and no one else probably noticed that, but JaeJoong felt how something in side him starts to almost literally burn from… desire?

“Maybe you’re willing to greet me like hero anyway?” Jung said and woke up JaeJoong from his weird daze.

He followed the cage with the being with his eyes until it disappeared around the corner and then turned to Jung.
“You know, that I’m not willing to greet anyone like a hero, not to mention you.” He said bitterly and went back in to his room backwards, closing and locking the door behind him.

Jung had the code for the door. He had all the codes because he was the commander; he owned the base and every single soul in it. At least that’s what he thought. His good leadership was the only reason why no one stood against him, though there were many who wanted that.

JaeJoong sighed and fell face forward onto his bed, pulling the blanket over him, hiding himself in a dome of perfectly and aseptically white cloth.

The alarm went off and JaeJoong woke up, stretching his arms and yawning loudly.

He got out of the bed and in a slow, lazy pace went to the bathroom, took a quick shower, started to brush his teeth and only then he realized two thing that wasn’t like they supposed to be.

First of all – he finally managed to fall asleep at the night before. Second – he had a dream about the alien explorers captured yesterday.

He clearly remembered the tall frame moving closer to him, a hand, still covered in a purple glove, caressing his hair. He most definitely remembered how that handsome face leaned so close to his that he could feel the other's cold breath on his skin, he could feel how the other inhaled his scent, how the very tip of his nose rested in JaeJoong’s hair for a second or two.

JaeJoong shivered and shook his head trying to get the image out of his head.

He dressed in his dark grey uniform and left to the main research lab.

The being was already in front of him, still locked in the cage and wearing the same clothes.

“Oh, you’re finally here!” JunSu, the lead scientist and medic, greeted JaeJoong and handed few papers to him. “These are the things you will have to do from now on.”
JaeJoong skimmed trough all the pages and turned to JunSu, who was now signing some kind of form.

“These are guiding lines how to… take care of someone daily.” JaeJoong said sounding a little bit shocked.

He was an upcoming medic and he had doubts that ‘bringing food’ to someone could help him in mastering what he wanted.

“Yes. We’re short on staff, so you will have to take care of him.” JunSu nodded toward the being in the cage.

“What?” JaeJoong almost shrieked.
“He’s not violent for sure. There were no guns found on his ship. If he has some hidden in that suit, which I really doubt, then we will find that out when we remove that.

“Remove?” JaeJoong’s eyes went big.

“Well, of course. We need to investigate his outer and inner structure. He seems like a high level humanoid, but I’m 100% sure his insides are not like ours.” JunSu almost squealed in delight.

Most of the aliens that appeared close to the base were violent and got killed, so working with someone who was still alive and so human-like was like a dream come true for him.

“And why were you so shocked about the 'remove' part?” JunSu raised his eyebrow and smiled.

Apart from being a scientist he was also JaeJoong’s cousin.

“N…Nothing.” JaeJoong stammered and went through his new duties again.

“Yeah, nothing. Like I can’t see how you glance at him.” JunSu giggled a little. “Just remember – he’s an alien and we don’t know anything about him, apart from how extremely attractive he is.” JunSu said with a grin and then yelped as YooChun, his boyfriend, pinched his ass.

“Stop eying him JunSu.” The slightly taller male frowned.

“Oh c'mon Chunnie.” JunSu pouted and tried to hug his lover, yet the other shook him off.

JaeJoong turned away from both of them and tried to look trough his schedule again, yet his eyes wandered toward the alien again.

Right now they finally let him out of the cage and cuffed his hands and legs – just in case.

There were no doubts about the humanoid's height or physical structure that might have seemed different through the cage – he was as gorgeous as he seemed.

His moves seemed fluid and graceful in a way. His face was calm and it didn’t seem like he strongly disliked or liked being here – he just accepted this turn of his fate with honor.

He moved where he was told to and it seemed that he perfectly understood the orders from soldiers who transferred him to his cell, yet he didn’t reply.

Right before he disappeared behind the heavy metal doors that separated the main lab from research object cell, his eyes met JaeJoong’s again, piercing trough his entire being and freezing him.
“Hey.” JunSu tapped on JaeJoong’s shoulder making other to jump up. “Here. Take these to him and take his when he changes.” He handed a package of clothes to JaeJoong, while the other still tried to calm down his racing heart.

“You mean I have to…” JaeJoong’s eyes went wide again but JunSu just chuckled.

“Don’t act like a blushing virgin.” JunSu laughed and gently pushed JaeJoong toward the cell.

He waited until the soldiers left and entered the ward.

It was pretty safe, because there were two soldiers outside the ward and everyone in the lab could see what’s happening in the ward trough the glass window. Beside, JunSu said that the alien wasn’t aggressive.

JaeJoong took a deep breath and went closer to the humanoid, which was now standing and looking at the mirror, which was actually the window to the lab.

“Hello?” JaeJoong spoke, moving closer.

The ‘human’ turned around and looked at JaeJoong with his piercing gaze.

“You need to change into these.” JaeJoong placed the clothes on the small, obviously too short, bed and turned toward the window/mirror wall and only then realized his mistake.

The being moved away from the mirror and sorted out the clothes JaeJoong out on the bed, putting them in an order only he knew.

His long fingers unzipped his outfit, revealing his smooth chest and abdomen, stopping right where his belly button supposed to be, though there was nothing. He slipped the cloth off his shoulders and pulled his arms out of the tight sleeves and reached for the simple, white v-neck on the bed. The skin that just revealed for JaeJoong’s view in the mirror not disappeared under the white cotton.

JaeJoong tried to squeeze his eyes shut when the zipper went lower, yet he couldn’t stand against temptation to look.

Long, toned legs with strong thighs, faultless ass and as far as JaeJoong could see totally human-like genitals.

JaeJoong’s mouth went dry and he really tried not to try to see something more from the other's body, though he wanted and that was more than strange. Though on the other hand, the other man in the room looked perfectly normal – no tail, horns, tentacles, extra eyes, gills or scute – and it was just logical that JaeJoong felt attracted to the other's body.

At least that was what he tried to tell himself.

He finally noticed that the alien was already changed, folded his suit and put it on the bed. He was now standing almost next to JaeJoong wearing the white v-neck, which matched the white tile walls of the room and grey sweatpants, which almost matched the tone of the floor, looking at the mirror – it almost felt like he could see trough it.
JaeJoong swallowed loudly, quickly took the clothes from the bed and rushed out of the cell.

“You had a nice show, huh?” JunSu smiled and took the clothes from JaeJoong when other reached JunSu’s private examination office.

“Shut up.” JaeJoong muttered.

“Oh I will shut up, only one medical suggestion – you should take care of that.” He smiled and nodded toward JaeJoong’s crotch.

JaeJoong looked down and felt how heat rises in his cheeks because of the obvious hard-on he had.

“Shut up.” JaeJoong muttered again and rushed away, locking himself in the room for a while.


The night came faster than usual, at least it seemed like that.

Without even trying to find clothes to sleep in JaeJoong fell face forward onto the bed right after the shower and fell asleep at the very moment.

He woke up in the middle of the night, as he felt hands caressing his skin.

The touch was a little bit cold, foreign and strange, but at the same time it seemed as familiar as possible.

The hands that were touching him run up from his ankles, over his shins and knees, over his thighs and bottom, up his spine and over his shoulders, then back down over his sides, settling on his hips.

JaeJoong’s body shivered, but the logical cry for help stuck in his throat.

He felt how a body settles over him, cold skin pressing against his, sending chills down his spine. A pair of hands still continued to caress his skin, calming JaeJoong down, though he should have been screaming for help at the top of his lungs. That would be just logical if he’s being molested by someone he obviously didn’t know, because Jung wasn’t such an ass to try the same trick twice.

A pair of lips pressed against JaeJoong’s shoulder, then the back of his neck and other shoulder, moving further to south, kissing down his spine gently, leaving no marks.

It didn’t took long for JaeJoong to get lost in the touches, kisses and all the attention his back received –it was almost like that someone knew exactly where to kiss, where to touch to make JaeJoong a complete mess under his touch. Jae came back to reality only when something nestled between his butt cheeks and pushed in his body soon after.

JaeJoong pressed his face in the pillow to muffle his scream, though he should have
screamed out loud for someone to come and rescue him.

But this feeling of being so unprepared, so stretched and so full intoxicated him.

Whoever started to move above him knew what he was doing – his lips still worshiped every muscle on JaeJoong’s back, his hands held JaeJoong’s hips firmly. Each thrust was precise making Jae to see stars behind his eyelids, like the other had a map of JaeJoong’s body, knowing all the right spots on his skin and inside his body.

JaeJoong’s mind clouded even more and he started to thrust back, meeting the other's moves and humping the bed at the same time. His face was still pressed in the pillow, hands clenched in the sheets on both sides of his head. It didn’t take long for him to come with another muffled cry, followed by a low, feral growl from the one behind him.

More kisses landed on JaeJoong’s heated and sweaty skin and when the other's skin moved away from him, JaeJoong managed to turn his head a little and see a tall frame just melting in thin air.


Tags: fandom: cassiopeia, ff: e.t., genre: au, genre: science fiction, genre: supernatural, length: chaptered, pairing: changmin/jaejoong, rating: nc-17, warning: mpreg

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