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No Other

Title: No Other
Pairings: DongHae/You (first time writing something like this ._.)
Ratings: PG-13
Genres: romance, fluff
Length:  short one-shot 
A/N: This is basically inspired by this performance/song: 
I watched it several times yesterday and today too, and I just can't stop watching, because DongHae is so awesome.
("Beautiful" played more then 90 times in two nights xD I'm addicted *__*)
So - read, imagine and enjoy!

No Other

The door of your room slowly opens and closes with no noise at all.
He tries to act as quiet as possible, assuming, that you're already asleep.

His body slides under the sheets next to you; his hand finds its way around your waist, pulling your back closer to his chest.

You can't hold back the sigh and let it escape your lips.

A kiss lands on your shoulder and kisses continue to "rain" up to your neck. His hot breath sends shivers up your spine, but you manage to hide them.
He asks quietly, "why you're not sleeping yet", nuzzling the curve of your neck, the tip of his nose gently brushing against your skin. All you can answer is that you waited for him, and that's more then true.

You always wait for him - when he's in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan or where ever his career takes him - you're always here, waiting for him to sneak in your room again, to hug you close and hold you trough the night. It's impossible for you to ask more and you don't.

Another sigh escapes your lips and he hugs you closer.

He whispers, "is every thing ok", and you just say "of course" not really lying, nor telling the truth either.
He's here, so it means - it's ok. He will go away in the morning - then nothing's going to be "ok" till he comes again.
But somehow you find the waiting bearable - 'cause when ever he's here, you can say for sure - he's only yours.

A kiss lands on your neck; his hand traces your skin under the t-shirt you’re wearing. The same one he left previous time when he stayed with you just few minutes too long and ended up running.
His fingers trails up your bare arm, over your covered shoulder, smoothing away hair from your neck, so his lips could touch your skin.

His hold loosens when you turn to around to face him, yet when you can finally see his chocolate brown orbs in dim light from window; his hold becomes as tight as before.
He smiles his warming smile and briefly kisses you, yet his hands are caressing your back under the white fabric of the shirt.
You could say one word, and he would stop. He would kiss you once more and just hold you until the sun would appear from the horizon, telling, that it's time for him to go back to his idol life.

His lips are still attached to yours in soft kiss, with no rush, like you had all the time on the world, and you decide not to stop him this time.

Your hand traces the curves of muscles on his arms and his shoulder-blades. Your fingers find their way in his thick, dark brown hair and you almost unconsciousnesly pull him closer, speeding up your kiss, adding more passion, more anticipation, though it still seems like you have all the time on the world.

In a split second you’re lying on your back, his dark-brown orbs gazing at you.
He caresses your cheek with back of his palm, smoothing away your hair.
He's giving you the last chance to back up, to let things stay the way they were till this night.
But, this time, it means more to feel him close, then worry about him leaving again.
The warmth he's radiating intoxicates you and all your mind can think of now is how to feel more, how to receive more.

Your hands shakes a little, when you reach for the edge of his shirt, yet you manage to keep yourself calm and tug it up, until he pulls it over his head himself and throws it on the floor next to the bed.
He leans down and captures your lips in a kiss, while his hands slide over your sides, pulling the white fabric up, but stopping in half way for a moment, waiting for your approval.
You whimper against his lips, encouraging him to continue, and he does.
Chills run trough you as the chilly air hits your skin, but soon his warmth clears your mind from all thoughts.

Your hands are remembering every single curve of muscles, like the very first time.
Everything about him seems new, yet somehow still familiar.
He’s the same man you met back then, the same man who smiled at you like he was just a simple student, like there were just the two of you.

Your back arches from the bed as his hips thrusts forward.
The dark night behind the window and around both you suddenly seem as bright as ever, stars blinding your sight with every move he makes.
His lips never leave your skin, his hands gently caresses your thighs and sides.
It feels like all air in the room has been taken away by some mystical force and you start to gasp and moan louder, using, as it seems, the last air in your lungs to stay awake and focus on his presence.

His skin is glistering with sweat, dark layers of hair stuck to his forehead. His whole body is tensed to maximum; his breath becomes heavier and heat, radiating from his body increases.

For a second there’s dead silence in the room, pure bliss streams trough air entwining both of you.

He lowers his worn out body next to you and pulls your body in to his embrace. His breath is still heavy for a moment, just like yours, but he still whispers “you know, that I love you endlessly, right?”.
He gently kisses the top of your head, breathing in your scent.
“I know” you answer entwining your hands around his waist, resting your head against his chest.
“And I love you too.” you continue.
You can almost feel his smile against your hair, as his embrace tightens a little.
There’s no need for any of you to say anything – this is more then enough.

His breath steadies and you just lay in his arms, listening to his heartbeat.

For the world he’s Lee DongHae – charismatic rapper and dancer in Korean super group “Super Junior”.
For you, he’s that smiling person who paid for your coffee when you first met, just because you couldn’t find your wallet. He’s the person who sat in front of you and introduced himself to you, like you didn’t already know who he was, the person who asked for your phone number shyly and called you the very night.
He’s the one who always sings for you when you can’t fall asleep, though he’s sleepy himself and gets lyrics wrong all the time.
He’s the only one with who you feel truly like yourself, with who you feel safe and protected from the world.

Here, covered by night behind the window, he’s just yours, no matter how egoistic that may sound.

His hold tightens as he pulls just a little closer. “I know you’re not asleep” he mutters and all you can do is smile.
“I can’t fall asleep” you say and smile against his skin.
“내가 잡아줄게 안아줄게 살며시, 그것으로 작은 위로만 된다면 좋겠어
언제나 더 많은 걸 해주고 싶은 내 맘 넌 다 몰라도 돼 *” he sings quietly, his voice a little raspy and sleepy.
“Thank you, for being with me” you whisper, while he still hums the melody.
His warmth embraces you and all you can ask for is this moment to last forever.

: “No other” lyrics
” Take my hands silently, hold me silently, I’m only wishing for such little comforts
You don’t know this heart of mine, which always wants to do more for you”

A/N:  if anyone knows a place/community where I can share this, do tell. ^__^


( 5 are lost in fantasy — Just can't keep your hands down? )
Mar. 2nd, 2011 11:41 pm (UTC)
has donghae been your fave? or was he always your favorite? xD this is very interesting +__+ why did you make it "you & him"? got no one to pair him with ??? .___.
Mar. 3rd, 2011 05:34 am (UTC)
well, when it comes to Super junior he has always been on top of my biases xD
well, idk actually why i made this this way...
i just had this very very random idea... and wanted to try out writing like this
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 15th, 2012 08:18 am (UTC)
1) love your icon
2) Im really glad you liked this!
hope you will like the EunHyuk one as well! ^^
Jan. 19th, 2012 06:38 pm (UTC)
God, that was good. Really was and still is. But ypu already know whom I imagined in the *****/You :D
Jan. 19th, 2012 06:40 pm (UTC)
ouh I think I know!
kekekeke ^_^
( 5 are lost in fantasy — Just can't keep your hands down? )


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Small similarities with original persons are intended.
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